Heating Boiler Services- Standard T&Cs Material- Purchase Orders

Heating Boiler Services- Standard T&Cs Material- Purchase Orders

in these conditions Heating Boiler Services Limited shall hereinafter be referred to as HBS, our, or the Company. The supplier is the person, firm or company named on the face of this order.

Telephone and verbal orders given by HBS are only given under these conditions to the exclusion of any other term or condition of the supplier.

The materials or goods to be supplied/collection in connection with this order shall be of the best quality and to the standard specified on the front of this order provided that where and to the extent that approval of the quality of materials or goods or of the standards of workmanship is a matter for the opinion of the architect/supervising officer/engineer employed by our client, such quality and standard shall be to the reasonable satisfaction of the architect/supervising officer/engineer, in accordance with any sample provided and at all times be fit for the purpose made known to the supplier or to be implied and shall come with all applicable manufacturer’s warranties, conditions and guarantees.

The supplier shall make good by replacement or otherwise any defects in the materials or goods supplied which appear before or after use by HBS and the supplier shall indemnify HBS in respect of any expense, cost or other damages sustained by HBS as a direct consequence of such defects.

Delivery/collection of the goods or materials to be supplied shall be commenced, carried out and completed in accordance with any delivery programme confirmed on the face of this order or, in the absence of such confirmation programme, in accordance with the reasonable direction of HBS. If delivery is not made by the date noted in our official order the supplier shall indemnify HBS in respect of any cost, expense or other damages sustained by HBS as a consequence of such late delivery.
Where the supplier delivers the goods to any of the Company’s sites the supplier and his agents agree to make such deliveries at the direction of the Company’s representative. No claim will be entertained for any loss, damage or injury caused by failure of the supplier or his agents to obtain, follow or comply with such directions.

Payment of any valid invoice rendered by the supplier in connection with this order shall be due 30 days after the end of the month in which the supplier invoice is received.
Invoices received after the 14th day of the month following the month to which they relate will be subject to a processing delay of one month, without the loss of any settlement discounts which would have applied had the invoice been received promptly.

The goods shall be delivered/collected in the specified quantities only as detailed on the order and at the specified price. Any quantity shown on delivery notes must be equal or less than the original order. Unless otherwise indicated, the price is exclusive of any VAT which shall be paid by HBS and all other taxes, fees or charges which shall be paid by the supplier. Price and quantities shall not be varied from those stated on the order without the prior written agreement of HBS.Substitute goods shall not be accepted without our prior written agreement.

HBS reserves the right to set off against any liability that it may have to the supplier hereunder any sum in respect of which the supplier may be indebted to HBS under any contract.

The ownership of materials or goods shall pass to HBS, upon delivery by the supplier or to the order of HBS, whether or not payment has been made in full.

No provision in the supplier’s quotation or acceptance of order shall override, modify or affect in any way whatsoever these standard conditions.

HBS will not be held responsible for the removal of asbestos on site if found, the Asbestos register must be presented to us on commencement of any works.

No variation of these conditions shall be effective unless in writing and signed by or on behalf of HBS.

The supplier acknowledges that there are no representations outside these conditions which have induced it to enter into this contract.

These conditions constitute the entire agreement between HBS and the supplier and supersede all prior agreements and understanding.

All contracts subject to these Standard Conditions of Purchase shall be subject to the laws of England.