The Gym in Cardiff

The Gym in Cardiff


A tired old gymnasium in Cardiff a unit on an industrial trading estate, without any heating or hot water facilities was taken over by Mrs Joley Griffiths and a new project was created to modify the gym into a standard that would upgrade the building to accommodate the facilities to train and exercise young and under privileged children and provide opportunities for them to be members of a gym funded by the local community. With multi use and various equipment being introduced the project was a challenge to introduce a new heating system to the unit.


The best heating system to accommodate the use of gym, where the height and the size of the open plan unit had to heat a substantial area of 5000 m2. A new gas supply had to be introduced to the building through a local supplier, and a new meter installed. The new pipework to the heater had to be introduced from the meter into the building to the location of the heater. The heating equipment installed was a Powrmatic 90kw unit heater, and had to be positioned where it would not be of interference to the pupils and other users of the equipment. The equipment also had to be economic consumption, with the limited funding available. There was also a timescale with other modifications taken place in the unit and working around other workers and tradesmen, all works had to be completed before the winter months approached.


The results being a heating system that warms up the gymnasium quickly prior to the pupils arriving. The heating is controlled by an MC200 Fuel Saver Controller and the pupils are able to use trampolines and other High Bar equipment without any conflict with the heating equipment. The gas consumption is controlled and the equipment works with maximum efficiency maintaining a constant air flow of warm air that can be controlled or switched off by remote when not in use.

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The Gym in Cardiff

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We have been using Heating Boiler Services Ltd for many years now and we are happy to recommend them to any business for their heating equipment installation and maintenance. We moved into a new facility which had some poorly maintained equipment which inevitably died in the middle of winter. The team at Heating Boiler Services Ltd managed to get an engineer out to our site the day we had our fault, they managed to identify the issue, get the parts and have us up and running again in no time. From then on we have had them maintaining all of our heating equipment and we have yet to have another breakdown but I know if we did they would be there to support us quicker than most companies reply to their emails or return your calls!

James Hall

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